The Poomsae Officiating Committee is dedicated to serving in the best interests of Taekwondo in Australia through recommending measures to the Board which maximum opportunities for officials to have clear pathways for continued development and to maximise their potential for success through integrated state, national and international programs with specific attention to developing a high standard of judging knowledge, experience and expertise within Australia.

The Committee has responsibility for making recommendations to the Board in the following areas:

  • Provide advice on the current performance of the Poomsae Officiating Program and program improvement.
  • Assist Officiating staff in the creation and maintenance of a National Poomsae Judging Program.
  • Assist Officiating Staff in the creation of a National Poomsae Officiating Strategic Plan.
  • Assist in all required areas of the national officiating program as designated by approved procedure or requested by other committees in line with procedural requirements.
  • Liaise, receive and provide feedback to and from Australian Taekwondo Poomsae Program to its affiliated state bodies in relation to the States poomsae officiating programs links to national programs.
  • Advise on initiatives aimed at providing professional development pathways for all officials involved in poomsae.
  • Select for endorsement by the Board technical officials necessary for the implementation of operations in the committee's area of scope.
  • Establish a process for the appointment of qualified and proficient personnel in an equitable manner that provides opportunities for a broad cross section of persons.
  • Develop draft selection policies for Course Presenters, Education Officers, support staff and other personal deemed necessary.
  • Devellop individual roles and responsibility documents for key operational personnel within the scope of the Poomsae Officiating Program.
  • Maintain a register of Poomsae Judges' qualifications and accreditations for all Poomsae Officials registered through the Company.
  • Facilitate selection of Poomsae Officials for national level and national team selections tournaments and nominate Poomsae Judges to international level tournaments.
  • Develop Codes of Conduct for officials involved in all areas of poomsae officiating.
  • Maintain portfolios which will be co-ordinated by a member of the Committee for:
    • International Liason
    • Poomsae Judge Education, Certification and Accreditation
    • Poomsae Judge mentoring and retention
  • Annually, undertake a review of the poomsae officiating program, identifying strengths, issues and opportunities for improvement to the program. 

Committee Charter

Craig Barrett


Stephen Boag


Stephen is the Committee's Secretary.

Ross Hartnett


Ross has responsibility for Para-Poomsae

Kay Yang


Kay has responsibility for Education

Yukyung Song


International Liaison